Desperate Hunt for a Runaway Cow Resorts to an Animal Psychic and a €10,000 Reward


Photo: Bala under a Creative Commons license.

In late May, a cow named Yvonne decided not to be eaten, and broke through an electric fence to escape from the farm in Bavaria where she was being fattened for slaughter. Since then, she has been on the run.

After she jumped onto a road in front of a police cruiser, Yvonne was deemed a traffic hazard by local officials, who authorized her shooting. Activists decided to come to her aid, and hoped to find Yvonne before she was killed . But no one has been able to catch her, and as her time on the run approaches three months, the search for what is now a celebrity cow has gotten somewhat out of hand.An Escapist Trend

Escapee bovines have made news in recent months by breaking out of slaughterhouses and trucks en route to slaughterhouses, but so far, none have managed to elude the authorities for more than a few hours. One bull on the run in Virginia was shot to death, another in Queens bolted from a butcher shop, but was caught and sent back to be killed.

The one story with a happy ending is that of Molly the cow, who in 2009 also broke out of a Queens slaughterhouse and was caught, but was rewarded for her bravery with a new, peaceful life on a Long Island farm. Like Molly, Yvonne has allies.

The Hunt Gets Desperate

The Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary has bought Yvonne for €700 ($988), hoping to save her from a grisly fate. But as the cow continues to elude everyone on her trail, efforts to catch her have gotten increasingly far-fetched. When food traps and a tracker beagle failed, other cows and an ox named Ernst were sent into the woods, in hopes that they would appeal to what must be a lonely cow.

Then, Swiss "animal communication expert" (meaning animal psychic) Franziska Matti was sent in to "talk" to Yvonne. She told the Guardian:

I spoke to her yesterday and she said that she was fine but didn't feel ready to come out of hiding. She said she knew that Ernst had been waiting for her but that she was scared. She said she thought that humans would lock her up and she would no longer be free.

But where the animal psychic failed, the €10,000 ($14,451) reward put up by German tabloid Bild is more likely to do the trick. But for now, Yvonne is free, and intends to stay that way.

Want to save more cows less brave and clever than Yvonne? Go vegetarian.


Yvonne is safe! After a full three months on the run, she was by a German farmer onto whose land she wandered. The farmer claimed Bild's €10,000 reward. The Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary, which had bought Yvonne, has confirmed that the famous cow will live out the rest of her days in peace at an animal sanctuary in Deggendorf.

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