Derby the dog, born with deformed legs, can now run thanks to 3D printed prosthetics!

Derby the dog with 3D-printed prosthetics
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Derby the dog was born disabled, with deformed front legs that severely restricted his mobility. When Tara Anderson met Derby, rather than just pity him, she decided to do something about the situation. Her first idea was to get him a set of wheels with a kind of cart/harness, but that didn't turn out so great, in good part because the setup couldn't replicate the real motions involved in running. This lead to Idea 2.0: Having access to 3D modelling software and 3D printing equipment allowed Tara and her coworkers to make custom prosthetics that... Well, you have to see for yourself.

We might all pretend to be cynics on the internet nowadays, but seeing the delight of a dog who can freely run around for the first time is sure to reach, at least a little, even those with a cold, black heart.

Via Boingboing

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