Dept of Interior Appropriations Bill Is 'Declaration of War' On America's Basic Environmental Protections

bighorn sheep photo

photo: Greg Willis/Creative Commons

The new appropriations bill for funding the Department of Interior from the House of Representatives is out in draft form. Among the more egregious parts of it include: Prohibiting any new plants or animals being added to the Endangered Species List, prohibiting any of the funds being used to prevent mountaintop removal mining, exempts all logging activities from Clean Water Act permitting, forbids protecting bighorn sheep if doing so will reduce grazing permits, expands off road vehicle access on some Forest Service roads, and limits the ability of EPA and states to require Clean Water Act permits for discharge of pesticides or residues of a pesticide into rivers and lakes. It may be a bit cliché but as NRDC legislative director says, "This is a contract on America masquerading as a spending bill...nothing short of a declaration of war on our most basic health protections [doing] away with fundamental safeguards that keep our air, water and lands clean."

Defenders of Wildlife has a rundown of the anti-environment parts of the bill.

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