Deadly Leopard Seal Tries to Feed Live Penguins to Photographer (Video)

"Bloody Hell! That's the biggest leopard seal I've ever seen!"

Leopard seals are pretty scary predators, especially if you're a penguin. But they can be friendly to other leopard seals, which is something that photographer Paul Nicklen learned during one of his trips to Antarctica. He was taking underwater photos when a leopard seal started feeding him penguins, starting with live ones, which were released close to him (to see if he would catch them), and ending with half-chewed dead ones. One theory is that the leopard seal saw his reflection in the lens of the camera and thought that Nicklen was a fellow predator, but an awkward one in need of some help. This went on for FOUR DAYS. You have to check out the video below, the photos are great!

The Seal Saw Him as a Useless Predator

Here's is a video of Nicklen explaining what happened, with many incredible photos. It's really worth seeing (you might have to turn up your volume to hear anything, though):

For more photos by Paul Nicklen, check out his website. His book titled Polar Obsession looks really good.

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