Dangerous invasive Giant African Snails discovered in Texas

Giant Snail
Public Domain USDA

Giant SnailUSDA/Public Domain

Update: It looks like Texas is safe for now. Giant African Snail found in Texas turns out to be Rosy Wolf Snail.

Slooooowly taking over the world

An invasive species of Giant African Snails has been popping up all over the map recently, from Australia to Florida, and now Houston, Texas. You might think that snails can't be that big a deal, but here's how the Smithsonian describes them:

The giant African snail is a true nightmare. These snails grow to the size of a baseball, can lay 1,200 eggs every year, survive all sorts of extreme temperatures, have no natural predators, and eat 500 crops, plus the sides of houses. Also, they carry meningitis that can infect and kill humans.

The first sighting of the Giant African Snail in Texas was reported by a woman in the Briar Forest neighborhood of Houston. She found it while gardening; chances are that if one was randomly found, there are many more...

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Giant snailFlorida Department of Agriculture/Public Domain

Yet another reminder that we must be very vigilant with invasive species. Without natural predators, they can take over ecosystems and cause a lot of harm.


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