Crossing the United States on Foot With a Camera and a Dog (Video)

In 2001, Aaron Huey—then a young photographer's assistant—was dropped off on the Pacific Coast of the United States armed with a single camera and accompanied by only his dog, Cosmo. 3,349 miles and 154 days later, he arrived in Coney Island. A dream he held for years had finally been realized: He had crossed the "American Ocean" on foot.Since then, he has traveled the world, photographing such things as Taliban ambushes and drug eradication in Afghanistan, antiquities smuggling in Mali, and sharks in French Polynesia. It was during his long walk, however, that he truly felt "present," and focused on capturing single frames instead of working a changing situation.

"Extreme Exposure,"--on view at the Annenberg Space for Photography through April 17--is a showcase of incredible nature photography that honors the renowned photographers that produced them.

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