Crossing Canada on an Electric Bike Using Only $10 of Electricity

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Greenest Way to Travel Long Distances
Justin Lemire-Elmore loves electric bikes. He doesn't just sell them at his Vancouver store, he's also trying to show that he can cross Canada on one... on just $10 of electricity. So far, he has already crossed two provinces on his 6500+ km trip (4,000+ miles), using only $2 of his electricity budget. The bicycle he's using is a Xtracycle conversion. It's a pretty clever bike mod:

"It rides in a semi-recumbent position with a very comfortable posture and still has most of the storage capability of an Xtracycle. In place of the regular seat tube I've stuck another set of handlebars that links up to the front handlebars." More below.

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Hitchhikers Welcome!
"In a pinch, I can slide the 2nd handlebars out, remove the linkage, put the regular seat back in and be back to an old fashioned upright bike, and then the recumbent seat at the back can be used for a passenger. Who's to say I can't pick up hitch-hikers along the way!"

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There are more technical details on the bike available on this thread on the Endless-Sphere forums, and updates on the trip are posted on the Ebikes Store website.

Thanks to Erik for the tip.
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