Crazy Tsunami Maps From NOAA - And You Thought the Recent Chile Earthquake Was Bad...

chile tsunami 2010 map

The 2010 Chile tsunami (above) and the 1960 one (below). Images: NOAA
Yale Environment 360 has some pretty crazy maps, just released by the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration's Center for Tsunami Research, comparing the size of the tsunami generated by the recent Chile earthquake and by one in 1960. That quake, measuring 9.5 on the Richter Scale, created a tsunami that killed 61 people in Hawaii and 185 in Japan.
chile tsunami 1960 map

In both images black represents the largest waves, decreasing in height through purple, dark red, orange and on down to yellow. In 1960 a tongue of massive waves spread across the Pacific, with big ones throughout the region. Last week things were much milder.

Remember that the Richter Scale isn't linear. A 9.5 quake is much, much stronger than the 8.8 one that just happened.

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