Crazy Bearded Man Catches Bee Swarm (Video)

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Image: Video still by Elyas Forstbauer

When I lived in Vancouver Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm was a must-stop stall at the farmers' market. Mary and Hans started their biodynamic farm almost 35 years ago. Along with farmers, we very much like bees around here at TreeHugger so I was excited to see this video of Hans and Elyas - the last of the twelve Forstbauer children - coaxing a giant swarm of bees back into order.

Mary gives some context:

With the weather the way it is there are more bee swarms this year. This swarm was likely from one of our own hives. It was dropped into a "super" from a regular honey bee hive. We will use the bees on our farm for pollinating and if the weather is good we might be blessed with some honey.

While that sounds like a great payoff - both the pollination and the honey - I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be as calm in the presence of so many stingers. But I bet this is simply another day on the farm for Hans and Elyas.

Swarms usually happen when hives get overcrowded and a chunk of the population takes off to find a new home. In this case it looks like it's a case of a healthy population propagating themselves.

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