Costa Rican Sanctuary Cares for Cutest Baby Sloths (Video)

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The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica is a rescue facility and advocate organization for the country's two sloth species. Home to around 135 sloths, the group cares for many infants who have lost their mothers through human-caused incidents like felled trees, power line electrocution, traffic accidents, and hunting or sport killing. By rescuing and caring for adorable infants, the group is able to not only save the lives of animals but also educate communities about the importance of appreciating and caring for ecosystems. And the babies are definitely something that grabs and holds attention. Check out this ultra cute video of the infant sloths at the sanctuary after the jump.
Sloth Rescue's mission is: "To consolidate our Sanctuary as an agency that promotes and implements the protection and rehabilitation of sloths in Costa Rica, through the observation, study, care and analysis of animals in recovery; to promote actions that raise people's awareness and to facilitate education in order to improve the welfare and quality of life of Costa Rica's two species of sloth."

They forgot the part about spreading happiness by showing the incredible cuteness of sloths.

But in seriousness, the organization does much more than care for Costa Rican sloth species. As part of their efforts in educating people on sloths, they also educate about major issues like deforestation and habitat devastation, which impacts entire ecosystems.

Huffington Post also points out that the center itself is in need, and that donations or volunteering go a long way. You can participate in an adopt-a-sloth program, which uses the funds you send in to care for infant sloths, research the two species of Costa Rica, and educate communities on ecosystem conservation.

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