Colorful Lobster Trio a "1 in 900 Quintillion" Sight

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Images courtesy of the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
That's '9' followed by 20 zeroes
The probability of a lobster being born with a blue shell is about 1 in a million. For a calico or pumpkin-orange colored lobster, the odds are in the excess of 1 in 30 million. The chances of seeing all three variations in one place -- well, let's just say it's mind-bogglingly slim. But one aquarium in Connecticut has managed to defy the odds with their once in a lifetime lobster exhibit. "It's the crustacean equivalent of walking into a restaurant and finding Marylin Monroe, Albert Einstein and Jimmy Hoffa sitting at the same table," says the aquarium.The blue, calico, and orange lobsters recently went on display at the Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk -- creating an exhibit that is perhaps the most statistically unlikely in the world. In fact, the aquarium enlisted a mathematician to calculate just what the probability is of seeing the colorful trio of crustaceans in a single tank. And according to a report from NBC Connecticut, the results are astronomical:

1 in 900,000,000,000,000,000,000!

Each lobster was donated by locals in the seafood business who preferred to have their special catches be appreciated for their coloring -- not their taste. The aquarium credits area fishermen for making the extremely rare display available to the public.

Aquarium spokesman, Dave Sigworth, to GrindTV:

If you search around you can find other aquariums that have a blue lobster, and one that might have a calico or an orange lobster, but I've never seen one advertising having all three.

Lobster shells are usually a relatively boring hue of blackish-green, which turns that distinctive shade of red only after being cooked. The dazzling shades displayed by the three lobsters on exhibit are the result of genetic mutation -- but one can only wonder if ocean pollution contributed to these odd variations.

Sadly, the closest many folks get to appreciating some animals, like lobsters, is when they're being served on a dinner-plate -- which is why exhibits like this one at the Maritime Aquarium can be so important in raising awareness about the diversity of ocean life. After all, some things make a better feast for the imagination.

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