College Students Find Semester in the Wild an Eye-Opening Experience

If you’ve been wondering where you can spend a semester of college sleeping among the trees and finding a way to discover how much you don’t need to buy to be happy, then St. Lawrence College in NY has just what you’ve been looking for, complete with bleach to treat the water from Lake Massawepie.Of course, the neighbors include a pair of bald eagles and a couple of beaver, and the yurt village in which they live for the semester serves as their entire campus. With professors making the hour drive from the main campus to hold class in a yurt that comes equipped with a wood burning stove, though students have been known to not even turn it on even in the face of temps that can reach into the teens.

And you’ll be cooking all of your own food purchased from a nearby local farm, which means there won’t be any late night runs for Taco Bell or visits from the pizza delivery guy either.

But some of the coursework you’ll be focusing on includes a total immersion in the natural world, a crash course on survival in the wild, and discussion of the connection, or lack thereof between consumerism and the general level of happiness a person achieves in life.

Who knows, perhaps this unique Adirondack semester in the wild is just right for you?

Via: Tipster Bill, NYT
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