Clubby the Seal Gets Revenge, Takes Out Countless Human Hunters

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Image from my game as "Clubby"

So the iSealClub iPhone App didn't get very far, thank goodness. A St. John's Newfoundland software engineer wanted to bring the "excitement" of a seal hunt to anyone with an iPhone, but Apple rejected it. However, if you still want to take part in a seal hunt, Edmund McMillen has developed one where you play the underdog-turned-avenger. Become Clubby the Seal, who battles hunters and monsters, collecting stylish human skins as trophies. In the game's story line, Clubby the Seal is an endangered seal of a breed once raised for slaughter, but he's escaped and is on the prowl for the skins of humans who oppressed he and his relatives. He's out to tromp "eskibobs" who are "locust-like humanoids" that enslave and destroy everything.

If you're rooting for the baby seals during annual seal hunts, and you have a solid sense of humor, you may get a kick out of this game. Just be aware - it's gory but in a very cheesy South Park sort of way. So bring your sense of humor and maybe keep the younger kids away. And while they call it a "time waster," Download Squad states, "The art and animation are excellent, and the controls are pretty decent...Clubby the Seal is definitely worth an hour of your time, if you don't mind a little blood."

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