Climate Project Heads South of the Border to Train 300 Latin American Presenters

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Al Gore's non-profit The Climate Project, which works to train global warming warriors, who then go out and spread the good word, or An Inconvenient Truth, depending on how you see it, are now taking their show on the road. Last week they met with over 300 representatives from over 21 Latin American countries to not only present the now famous slideshow but to keep the climate momentum going.From September 28th - 30th in Mexico City, guests were trained, trained and trained some more in order to develop the next round of Climate Project presenters, whose numbers rank over 3,000 globally. The Climate Project is also now opening an office in Mexico City, in conjunction with the non-profit Pronatura, as part of this Summit.

Why Latin America?

The area alone is full of a broad spectrum of diverse ecosystems and some of the worlds most fragile areas. From the Amazon rainforest, to glaciers in the Andes and even coral reefs in the caribbean, all of which are currently under attack from global warming. The Climate Project hopes to help make the connection for government leaders as well as community members on changes that are expected for these regions, as well as what they can do to help. Attendees will then be responsible to go back to their communities and not just make presentations on climate change, but also to be active in local decision-making processes. In addition, they will have to use what they know to not just convince skeptics but possibly to run up against traditional ideas.

For developing communities unsure about how to respond to climate change, presenters will also be a key component. Helping with disaster planning strategies, taking what they know about climate change and applying it to local conditions, and even helping with resource allocation could all become part of new responsibilities.

The Climate Project currently has offices in United States, Australia, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, and now Mexico. Want to find out how you can get involved? Check their new website out :The Climate Project where you can also request a presentation in your community.

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