Climate Change to Take Bite Out of Big Apple: Sea Level Rise, Temperature Increases, Hundred Year Storms Every 15 Years

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photo: Miles Sabin

Hey fellow New York City residents! Think climate change is something that will cause bad things to happen somewhere else and not hit our fair city? You’re wrong. That’s the conclusion made by a climate change panel established by Mayor Bloomberg. Though the panel acknowledges that it is difficult to make exact predictions for a specific place, this is what the Big Apple is in for in the coming decades:Temps to Rise Up to 7.5 Degrees Fahrenheit
By the 2020s, New York’s mean average temperature could increase by 3 degrees Fahrenheit and sea levels could rise by 2-5 inches. By the 2080s, temperatures could increase 7.5°F and sea level rise could be somewhere between 12-23 inches. Coastal floods which now are expected to occur once every 10 years, could now occur once every 3 years; and once in a century storms could occur every 15-35 years.

The combat these changes, the report says that the should plan to keep air-conditioned cooling centers open longer during heat waves, move critical equipment in city buildings above sea level, and incorporate these climate change effects into design of new buildings. (New York Times)

via: New York Times, Reuters
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