Clever Bird Feeder Fights Crime

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Photo by Cinder via Flickr CC

Retired police officer Bill Angus had a smart idea for his latest craft. Doing double duty, his clever design for a bird house/feeder both helps birds find a tiny urban sanctuary making passers-by think they're under the speed gun. Angus has it mounted in his front yard and it seems to be doing the trick.Well, at least for slowing traffic. No word yet on whether or not the birds think it's a great idea. While the box has made an impact on traffic, with the number of people speeding through the 30mph zone coming down, Angus says it's just a coincidence.

He tells the Daily Mail, "It's a bird box and has been designed this way to stop people stealing it. It's a bright colour, too, to attract the blue tits and finches...If people want to think it is a camera, that is a matter for themselves."

Sounds like that has more to do with being allowed to keep it hung up than anything else. The neighborhood in Newbottle, near Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, UK has been pushing unsuccessfully for a speed camera. This bird feeder just happens to look like one, complete with a lamp on the front that looks like a camera flash, which just happened to be a convenient part in Angus's garage that he used to plug a hole he accidentally made.

He added: 'I'd been reading that people should put up bird boxes because of the cold winter. I'm a bit shocked people think it's a camera.'

He's right, however, about giving birds an extra bit of habitat in an residential area. Every little bit helps. And if people take more care while driving because of it, well, all the better! Greener driving habits, greener habitat.

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