China Builds Dam on Indus, Doesn't Tell Pakistan

indus river dam tibet image

Google Earth image of the area where the dam has been built: Tibetan Plateau (larger)

If you're already on TreeHugger it's safe to assume that you've got an interested in what lies under the great green umbrella. And, now, if you've also got an interest in Tibet you can combine the two at Tibetan Plateau. Though based on its archives, its been around for a bit, its output has increased recently. A post that really caught my eye, which I've seen no coverage of elsewhere, is on China building a dam on the upper reaches of the Indus River, which apparently no one knew about downstream in Pakistan:

I have heard word-of-mouth stories of a Chinese dam on the Tibetan headwaters of Indus River (Senge Khabab, སེང་གེ་ཁ་འབབ་) but never saw anything published about it. A news story from Pakistan confirmed the rumour today.

That story from Pakistan was in The News and quotes British journalist Alice Albinia, who had recently returned from the region, "The structure itself is complete, but the hydroelectric elements on the riverbed are still being installed. There are pools of water this side of the dam, but no flow. The Indus has been stopped." However, as the Indus has many tributaries water flow continues downstream and the "majority of water experts in Sindh remain unaware of any dam built in Tibet."

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