Chasing Glaciers: An Interactive Documentary


This past week, two American women launched an expedition in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan. Their goal? To retrace the footsteps of Fanny Bullock Workman who was the first woman to climb the mountains 100 years ago. The players include our friend Alison Gannett, a world-champion skier and environmentalist, and Zoe Hart, the first American woman certified as an Alpine mountain guide. The women will also attempt the world's first descent on skis from the 21,000ft. Mount Koser Gunge before the snow is gone for good. And what' very cool is that you can be there to watch. Chasing Glaciers, a project directed by five-time Emmy winning producer LLewellyn Wells (former producer of The West Wing) and his partners Michael Penwarden and John Gartner of Matter Media, will bring to the world's attention the effect of climate change on the glaciers of the Himalaya region through this documentary. Their adventure will allow for an interactive worldwide audience to follow their trek "live" by viewing step by step documentaries via streaming video, images and text on the site. Chasing Glaciers will compare glacial conditions to those documented 100 years ago to help better understand how climate change is impacting this magnificent region, and how those effects impact geography, wildlife and the lives of the 750,000,000 people that count on the watersheds for their survival. In the next week, we'll be speaking with Wells directly about the project and his company Green Fit. Make sure you tune in! ::Chasing Glaciers