Censored 'full-frontal' kangaroo photo sparks criticism on Facebook

kangaroo censored photo
© Featherdale Wildlife Park

Facebook has grown to be an ideal venue for oversharing -- from mundane shots of soon-to-be-eaten food, to the minutia of a trip to the laundromat written out as a full-blown stream of consciousness. However, the most revealing postings possible, that is to say of the naked form, are strictly forbidden.

But when Tourism Australia shared an image of a kangaroo, cooly reclined in such a way that left no doubt about its maleness -- commenters were livid that someone had censored a few key regions out.

In the hours and days following the posting of Big Baz "enjoying a lazy afternoon at Featherdale Wildlife Park", hundreds of followers chimed in with their objections to what many saw as a needlessly filtered view of nature's less-discussed designs.

kangaroo convoFacebook/Screen capture

Other commenters seemed to understand that the posting was intended to be humorous, not a sign that taboos over nudity had spilled into the rest of the Animal Kingdom:

"I thought it was censored to keep the underaged kangaroos from seeing it," wrote one.

Evidently, Tourism Australia lost a fair share of followers after the tongue-in-cheek photo, spurring a statement clarifying that it was all just "a bit of fun". Meanwhile, in a bid to quiet the mounting criticism over the censorship (from what appeared to be mostly fully-clothed commenters), Featherdale Wildlife Park opted to release an uncensored version of the photo.

Are you ready for it?

Seriously, you're about to see a 'naked' kangaroo.

Last chance to turn around!

Censored 'full-frontal' kangaroo photo sparks criticism on Facebook
"Why are we hiding a kangas willy?" wrote one wordsmith commenter.

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