Cat and Owl Playing (Video)

Fum, the cat, and Gebra, the owl, play like best friends photo

Image: megaxibeca, YouTube

Fum, the black cat, and Gebra, the owl, star as best friends forever in a video that proves love conquers all. Judging from the way Fum climbs trees, he is in full possession of a sharp set of claws. And owl talons...well, the very word talons speaks for itself. But the two never turn their weapons against each other. They prefer to play energetically together, pausing for brief moments for what seems to be the cat-and-owl equivalent of hugs and kisses. The full video embedded below benefits also from the catchy tune "Deixa'm dir una cosa" by Sopa de Cabra.
Video: megaxibeca, YouTube

According to the description given on YouTube, Fum and Gebra are both one year old, and have known each other for only a month. Gebra wears a pair of tethers, indicating he is a trained owl, but the two enjoy their freedom, romping about the countryside together. Gebra teases Fum with a couple fly-bys. Fum practices pouncing, which Gebra takes in stride. Enjoy this heart warming pause from the sordid and serious news of the day.

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