Man Releases Rodent, Inadvertently Feeds a Hawk

hawk takes mouse photoYouTube/Screen capture

It's been said that there are no free lunches in nature -- but in the seemingly noble act of releasing a rodent to live free in the wild, one young man in uniform provided a hungry hawk with just that.

Whether the rodent was once a pet, or an uninvited guest found in the young man's bedroom, it's easy to see why it might prefer the comforts of the indoors. Sure, for us humans, seated high at the top of the food-chain, such a snowy, wooded setting might inspire feelings of peace and tranquility, but for those creatures near the bottom, life in the wild is like a constant game of cat hawk and mouse.

Just watch how long it takes for this liberated rodent to be made a meal of:

Of course, with the vast array of traps and poisons available to kill unwanted rodents, releasing such domestic 'pests' outdoors is easily the most humane way of handling things. But, if you want to really give them a fighting chance, it's best to release mice and rats near places nearby where they can find coverage from opportunistic predators.

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