Burt's Bees Creates Buzz to Save Its Own, Gives Away Free Seeds


Photo credit: blentley
Burt's Bees certainly has been busy: The company recently trotted out its co-founder Burt Shavitz out from retirement to raise awareness about the disappearing honeybees, most notably in a cinema campaign to raise awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder.

Coinciding with the big-screen debut of Bee Movie, the new public service announcement running in theaters highlights the fact that every third bite of food we eat depends on bees for pollination, with Shavitz talking about the important role bees play in agriculture. "We believe the bees' survival depends on how we manage and protect our world," he says. "Burt's Bees is funding research to help find a solution, and you can help too. Support your local organic farmer. Plant a seed. Make a healthy place for the bees to live." The spot also urges audiences to visit Burt's Bees' Web site to learn more about CCD, as well as sign up to receive a free packet of wildflower seeds to grow your own bee-friendly haven.

Through a recent grant, the company has paired up with the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign to create the Honeybee Health Improvement Project, a research task force is led by Danny Weaver, J.D., president of The American Beekeeping Federation, Christina Grozinger, Ph.D., asst. professor of insect genomics at North Carolina State University and Barry Thompson, M.D., a director of the Eastern Apicultural Society.

In a press release, Burt's Bees acknowledges that one of the many suspected challenges to honeybees is the use of pesticides, and attests that the beeswax for its products come from wild bees that are not exposed to pesticides as they pollinate wildflowers. ::CSRWire

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