Oh the cuteness! Burrowing owls get up close with hidden camera

burrowing owls photo
Video screen capture Mac Stone via Vimeo timelapse

Burrowing Owls from Mac Stone on Vimeo.

Photographer Mac Stone hid a camera under a road cone to be able to get close to burrowing owls as they did their thing. The results are fantastic, and show just how much personality these amazing birds have!

These image sequences were all part of an effort to make a unique photograph of burrowing owls in their natural habitat. As diurnal birds, they spend most of the day outside their burrow keeping watch for predators. In order to get really close without scaring them, I placed my camera inside a road cone which they had grown accustomed to as a marker for their burrow. Leaving my camera in the cone-hide, I could let it cycle a photo every 2 seconds, offering a rare glimpse into the secret life of burrowing owls.

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