Burn it Where You Buy it to Stop Invasive Species

Last week's Memorial Day weekend kicked off the start of summer. Like many others in the Northern Hemisphere, your summer plans might include a picnic or camping trip in one of many beautiful state or national parks, national forests, or private campgrounds.

You probably already know that to protect the beauty of these special places you should remove your trash and put out your campfire before you head home. But did you know that you also should not transport firewood?

Forests are threatened by non-native forest pests—highly destructive insects and diseases that threaten our forests and the clean water, recreation, and other resources they provide. Since these forest pests survive inside wood where you can’t see them, they can be transported long distances by accident. You can help protect forests with a simple action—Don’t transport firewood!

This summer, spread the message, not the pest. Take the Firewood Pledge today and then tell your family and friends.