Brilliance of Octopus Inspires Filmmaker Mike deGruy To Save the Ocean (Video)

baby octopus photo

Photo by foxtongue via Flickr CC

Some incredible talks have been coming out of TED's Mission Blue excursion, a trip to the Galapagos with some of the most brilliant ocean scientists and activists who gave talks about what's happening with our oceans. There is nothing like the energy of scientists passionate about what they do to inspire us to get active, like using crowd sourcing to get plastics out of the oceans. But where does that passion originally come from? Mike deGruy, a filmmaker and extraordinary story teller shares how he got hooked on octopus, and how his fascination with these creatures is impacting how he works to rescue our marine ecosystems.

deGruy makes studying octopus sound like the most incredible job - they're fascinating and brilliant creatures. His excitement about the octopus is contagious, and it's easy to see why he has become such an advocate for protecting our oceans, the habitat of the animals he loves so much. His passion about marine life also underscores the heartbreak of seeing marine life die off as human impact takes its toll

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