Brazil May Restrict Ethanol Plants in One of the World's 'Most Spectacular' Wetlands

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Jaguars are among the many species which will have habitat protected under a new proposal to protect the Patanal region of Brazil from further sugar cane development. Photo: Getty Images.

Brazil seems to be increasingly getting its head in the right place when it comes to balancing economic expansion and environmental protection—the most recent previous example of which is the establishment of a fund to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Patanal to be Protected
Now, under a new proposal, sugar cane planting and new ethanol plants would be restricted in one of the world's largest wetlands, The Patanal. Reuters provides the details:Ethanol Production Restricted
The Agriculture Minister supports it, the Environment Minister supports it, so all it will take (legislatively speaking...implimentation is always a free for all) is a presidential signature to move forward. Under the proposal no new ethanol plants will be allowed in the Patanal's plains and sugar cane planters already in the region will be required to use direct, no-till planting methods, thereby eliminating machinery and agrochemicals from the cultivation process, according to ministry statements.

Wetland Preservation Crucial For Climate Change Prevention
Obviously, the degree to which any ban gets enforced (anywhere, not just Brazil) is the critical issue. But, considering the recent warnings about how human activity is decreasing wetland areas around the world, and in the process releasing tonnes of stored carbon, any restriction on further disruption of wetland habitats is something to be applauded.

via :: Reuters
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