BP Spill Still a Really Big Problem


Photo credit: NASA Godard Institute of Space Studies

It irks me that I have to write a headline like that, but with so much of the media's BP spill coverage painting pictures of a harmonious, oil-free Gulf, I can't underscore enough the fact that this thing is far, far, far from over. Thankfully, CNN ran a report that got this 100% right, and spoke to scientists about the bevy of problems that still have them very concerned for the future of Gulf ecosystems.

If you read just one anecdote about the BP spill this week, make it this one:From CNN:

When Ed Overton looks at the remains of what's happened to the Gulf of Mexico over the past few months, he sees a stale, unsolved crime scene. The oil has stopped leaking. The damage is largely done, he says. But what exactly happened? Until more clues surface, that's anyone's guess.

"We can see the beaches; we can see the dead animals; we can get a count on turtles and whales and all this stuff -- and all of that is eye-level observation," said Overton, a professor emeritus at Louisiana State University and a veteran of oil-spill science.
"What we don't know is what damage is done ... to little creatures down below the surface -- or just at the surface -- that we never see."

It's a frustrating explanation, but more than 100 days after oil started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, scientists say it's still too soon to judge the severity of the damage that's been done to the environment

That's exactly right -- I'm so sick of all these MSM reports that read like BP press releases, shrugging and telling us that 'well, it could've been worse'. There are, as this report points out, an incredible number of unanswered questions left to be resolved, and it's a really bad time for the media to get complacent.

There may be fewer pictures of oiled birds to drum up sensational interest, but there are a slew of investigations that really need to be made: Impact of dispersants? Oiled areas restricted from the press? Health impact on cleanup workers? Broken-up oil in the water column? And so the list goes on.

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