Bluefin Tuna Doesn't Stand a Chance Against EU's Industrial Fishing Boats

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A commercial tuna fishing vessel. Photo: Wikipedia, CC.

Are We Waiting for the Total Annihilation of Bluefin Tuna to Act?

Bluefin tuna is already critically endangered and probably shouldn't even be fished in the first place, and it now has to face the poisoning of its spawning ground in the Atlantic by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and an over-sized EU's industrial fishing fleet that is catching its quotas in no time.

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Image: Wikipedia, public domain.

Too Many Fishing Ships, Too Few Tunas
Highly effective and high-tech purse seine fishing boats set off for the high seas on May 15th, but bad weather prevented them from catching any fish for the first ten days. The season was due to close a month later, on 15th June, but had to be ended early on June 9 because the quotas were reached. The purse seine boats can catch massive amounts of tunas as they gather to spawn.

"That EU purse seine fleets have in the space of a week caught their whole annual quota of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean is further proof that these boats are simply not appropriate for this fishery and that the whole operation is entirely unsustainable - not to mention economically unviable."

France's purse seiners, for example, had already caught 1,456 tonnes by June 8th - some 86 per cent of their quota for the year - while Spain's had caught 728 tonnes, over 90 per cent of their quota.

"Purse seiners are so hyper efficient they leave no chance to the tunas they target in the peak spawning period when the fish are at their most fragile," said [Dr Sergi Tudela, Head of Fisheries at WWF Mediterranean]. (source)

What are we waiting for? Do we really need bluefin tuna to be extinct before we do something? We need a well-enforced international fishing ban for many years to allow the species to recover. Ask any expert (who isn't a consultant of the fishing industry).


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