Bird Uses Bread to Lure Fish, Just Like A Human (Video)

fishing bird photo

Image via video screengrab

We have a category of posts around here that we writers affectionately call "Oh! Shiny!" posts. This admittedly falls into that category, but it doesn't make this bird any less awesome. The bird has learned to use pieces of bread left by humans to lure fish in so it can catch them. Watch it in action.

One commenter on the YouTube page, SerenityFL, writes, "It looks like a Green Backed Heron which are notorious for doing this. Green Back Herons can also be found in the Everglades. When they don't have bread that was thrown at them to use, they use berries, blades of grass, leaves, twigs, etc. I find this difficult to believe that it has "baffled" scientists. They know about this."

We're curious about the bird species, so if you know for sure if this is indeed a Green Backed Heron, let us know.

This isn't the only animal species to amaze us with it's unexpected cleverness -- a few years ago an octopus became the first invertebrate known to use tools, and more recently an elephant came up with a clever use for a cube. While octopus and elephants are known to be incredibly intelligent animals, what about fish? They're not known to be terribly bright, yet even a fish was photographed recently using a tool to eat.

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