Bilbys Back From the Brink


If the Bilby isn’t one of the cutest bundles of marsupial fur on the planet, then we don’t know what is. Previously mentioned here when it’s chocolate brethren went on sales as part of Australia's Easter fundraising campaign. This time we wish to alert you to a video of the inspirational story of two guys, known as the Bilby Brothers, who set out to rescue this species from its endangered fate. Originally broadcast on ABC TV the vid is live online until the end of July 07. Another reminder of what amazing results the determination of individual people can achieve. That we might get lucky and be able to reweave some of the ecological threads that humankind has unwittingly unravelled. Worth a few minutes of your time, especially if other world news is getting you down, and you’d welcome a pick-me-up. ::ABC’s Bilby Bros.

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