Biking Across America with WE ADD UP - Day 27: Snafus

This post is one in a series of video blogs about biking across America with WE ADD UP to raise awareness about how to stop global warming. Check out more posts in this series here.

After 1,865 miles, a thwarted Eric and Carson encountered Jackson, Wyoming and National Weather Service alerts warning of an approaching BLIZZARD (12-16 inches in late May!). Looking to make the most of the forced rest day and wait out the storm, we found a store that specialized in 'green' home supplies and had a nice, long conversation with the owner about how our individually sustainable actions can "add up."
WE ADD UP is an organic t-shirt campaign that counts you in the fight to stop global warming. Choose an action you're committing to doing on the back of your tee. 28 choices include Recycle, Buy Local, Bike, Plant Trees, and Shower Together. And, on the front of your tee, we custom hand-print YOUR number to count you in. Your number represents your position in the global count of people adding up to make change. Each tee is totally unique and starts conversations wherever it is worn. Enter coupon code "bikeguys" at checkout and receive 10% off your purchase. Get counted now!

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