Biking Across America with WE ADD UP - Day 10: Lights Off

This post is one in a series of video blogs about biking across America with WE ADD UP to raise awareness about how to stop global warming. Check out more posts in this series here.

Lighting is one of the biggest users of energy in the home, which is why Carson was so enthusiastic about demonstrating low-energy compact-fluorescent light-bulb technology. It turns out -- perhaps not surprisingly -- that Carson is a better biker than product pitchman. In any case, don't lose the essential message here: you can nix a lot of carbon emissions -- and save money in the process -- just by changing your light bulbs to CFLs and turning off the lights whenever you leave a room for more than 15 minutes! By the way, if you keep the incandescent bulbs, turn them off EVERY time you leave a room for optimal energy savings.
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