Biking Across America: Day 5, Pain

This post is one in a series of video blogs about biking across America with WE ADD UP to raise awareness about how to stop global warming. Check out more posts in this series here.

Another day of harsh weather and heavy head winds left muscles Carson didn't know he had sore. Day 5 of the bike trip across the country led us, somewhat ironically, to Wellsboro, PA. Everything wasn't exactly well in Wellsboro! It took nearly 8 hours to bike 90 miles - You do the math! In attempts to recover quickly (what would turn out to be one of the more challenging aspects of the bike trip) and reverse the pooling of blood in the legs that happens over long periods of biking, Carson elevated his legs. An encouraging Eric was quick to remind Carson that holding on to moving cars for help is probably "Plan Z" and that every day could be the "best day." Stay tuned for videos from upcoming days to see if that's true!
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