Biking Across America: Day 4, Wind

This post is one in a series of video blogs about biking across America with WE ADD UP to raise awareness about how to stop global warming. Check out more posts in this series here.

Day 4 was an 81-mile day into the mountains and, appropriately, winds of northern Pennsylvania. Luckily, before the day began, Eric and Carson ate an enormous oatmeal breakfast, complete with honey, cranberries....yum! Rather unluckily, Eric got a flat tire about 5 minutes into the ride. Since he was close to the hotel and a snow flurry was soon approaching in the heavy winds, Eric turned around while Carson pressed on. The wind can't always be at your back.In fact, around lunch Carson and Eric encountered several wind mills along a ridge overlooking a state correctional facility. A guard told Carson he couldn't take photos, but that didn't stop Eric from getting some good video footage. It was an impressive sight, especially for Carson who had never seen a wind farm -- clean, renewable, carbon-free energy!

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Biking Across America: Day 4, Wind
Day 4 was an 81-mile day into the mountains and, appropriately, winds

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