Ben's Bird Boxes: Homes for our Feathered Friends

Ben Dickens must have an ironic sense of humor. His company, Ben's Bird Boxes, is based on the industrious idea of taking something used to sell homes (plastic real estate signs) and making it into a home (for birds). He takes the signs, reinforces them with plywood and lines them with a piece of paper-backed hessian; a couple of holes later: voila! The result is a colorful, unique (each one is a bit different) and cheap alternative home for garden birds and our other avian friends. The irony is not lost on Ben, either; each one comes complete with a "listing" for the new house: "An unusual conversion that has created a truly spacious bright dwelling, a balcony style hole boasts stunning views, natural and high tech materials blend to create tranquillity and emotional texture." We should all be so lucky. ::Ben's Bird Boxes