Beautiful video shows restoration process of the Atleo river

Vancouver Island river
Video screen capture Central Westcoast Forest Society

The Atleo river runs through Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island, traditional territory of the Ahousaht First Nation. The river is home to seven kinds of salmon and other species of fish, and is an important resource for the Ahousaht people.

However, the river's fish population and the surrounding habitat have been threatened, particularly by settlement and landslide problems. Many of these problems were caused by historical logging practices. Today, the Central Westcoast Forest Society is undertaking a restoration effort. They write on their site:

"Unfortunately, many streams and watersheds have been significantly damaged or altered by human impacts on the landscape. The culture and ecosystems that depend on wild salmon are threatened by their loss. To be successful, recovery efforts require a holistic watershed-level approach."

The video below shows this process unfolding. It was created by Drew Burke and Mark Wyatt for the Central Westcoast Forest Society.

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Beautiful video shows restoration process of the Atleo river
Restoring the river will repair habitat damage and protect salmon populations.

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