Beat the Heat: 5 Amazing Benefits of Urban Trees

What would this site be without occasionally extolling the virtues of trees? The seemingly most salient virtue, at the height of summer, is the power of urban trees to cool, save energy, and heal. We've covered some of this before, and NRDC goes in far greater detail (worth a read for sure), but here's the thumbnail version of the amazing ability of trees:

  • The net cooling effect of single, young healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room-sized air conditioners, running for 20 hours a day. 10 air conditioners, a single tree!!
  • A tree planted today on the west side of your house will result in a 3% energy savings in the five years time, 12% savings in fifteen years.
  • A single stand of trees reduces particulate pollution 9-13%, with the amount of dust reaching the ground beneath those trees 27-42%, versus in an open area.
  • If you have trees on your property near your home it accounts for 10-23% of your home value.
  • In urban areas, assuming the cost of planting and maintaining a tree for three years at $250-600, it will return $90,000 in direct benefits over its lifetime (apart from beautification, etc.).
Beat the Heat: 5 Amazing Benefits of Urban Trees
Trees are powerful air conditioners, reduce air pollution, reduce energy bills, more.

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