Bears Break Into Cabin, Help Themselves to Beer

As record-breaking heat continues to swelter across much of the world, it's no wonder that some of nature's most generously-furred wildlife might be looking for a bit of shade and refreshment in the cool waters of a mountain stream. But for one family of bears in Norway that recently broke into a cabin in the woods, an ice-box full of beer and a pantry full of snacks was apparently 'just right'.

And you thought Goldilocks was an inconsiderate little brat.

When Even Borthen Nilsen returned to his cabin in northern Norway, he was surprised to find the place trashed; furniture was overturned, shelves smashed, supplies of marshmellows, chocolate, and (of course) honey pillaged -- along with more than 100 cans of beer consumed.

From the lingering stench and some rudely deposited droppings, Nilsen has surmized that it was a mamma bear and her cubs that clawed their way through the cabin's exterior wall for a snack.

"They had a hell of a party in there," says the cabin owner. "The cabin has the stench of a right old piss up, trash and bears."

Nilsen tells NRK that, in addition to being a bit distraught about having his cabin "destroyed" by the bears, he's worried they'll be back for another go.

"The mother has taken her young there, thus there is no guarantee that it won't happen to other cabins or to our hut again."

Woodsy Norwegian getaways, of course, aren't the only places that have been attracting unwelcome wildlife visitors recently. Due to this summers unusually steamy temps, bears have been wandering into human zones with increasing frequency as food sources grow scarce.

Bears Break Into Cabin, Help Themselves to Beer
And you though Goldilocks was an inconsiderate houseguest.

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