Bear Cubs Form an Adorable Conga Line (Video)

Where humans have Facebook, bears cubs have conga lines of licking.

Among group animals, building a healthy social network means grooming. Though it can take on many forms, these kindly gestures of camaraderie serve an important role in the building of relationships, maintenance of good hygiene, and easing of tensions between members of a pack -- and when done properly, it can be downright adorable.

In the video above from Petsami, reportedly filmed at a bear reservation, it's clear to see how quickly grooming can catch on. What begins as two or three cubs engaging in social ear cleaning soon turns into a virtual conga line of ten young bears giving one another -- and more than a few YouTube viewers -- the warm-and-fuzzies.

Since bear families rarely exceed two offspring, such mass cub grooming love-fests are a rare sight indeed. (I know, it's a shame.)

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