Bat House Project

Jeremy Deller, an English artist, has become bat happy. He made an award-winning film which ended with a shot of millions of bats swooping in the Texas sky (pictured) and as a result of this fascination, he is now organizing a competition to design a wildlife-friendly house for bats. The project connects the worlds of art and ecology and encourages the public’s involvement with ecology issues. The winning entry will be built at the London Wetland Centre which is appropriate since there are ten bat species living in London alone. Most British bats naturally roost in trees but they have quickly adapted to living in the roofs of timber-built dwellings which are full of nooks and crannies to hide away in. As buildings get redeveloped, renovated and replaced, there is less space for bats to live. Wildlife law is supposed to ensure the minimum disturbance to bats in this process, but it relies on the goodwill of human hosts. Often bat roosts are happily accepted by one owner, only to be destroyed by the next. And the winner of the first stage is Blonski Architects: :: Bat House Project

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