Barcelona Urbany: The First Eco-Friendly Hostel in Spain


Staying in hostels can sometimes be a grim experience, and a non eco-friendly one too. However, high quality and eco backpacking will soon be possible when Barcelona Urbany Hostel opens its doors in the Catalan capital in June this year. It promises beautiful design mixed with environmentally friendly technologies to lessen the backpacker’s impact when travelling the world. A noise absorbing façade, a rain water harvesting system and a recycling water system that is meant to reuse 50% of the water used are what make this hostel greener than others. Energy efficient light bulbs and ‘more environmentally friendly and less aggressive materials’ also form part of the plan. We are curious to see what ‘less aggressive materials’ stand for exactly and whether it will have solar panels; after all there are more sunny days than rainy ones in Barcelona. The 13-storey building with a total number of 400 beds is currently being built. It is located about 4 metro stops from the centre of Barcelona and a nice 20 minute bike ride form the beach. A good initiative to make this next Urbany eco-friendly; after all their first one in Seville isn’t.

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