Bangladesh Gets $19 Million from US & Germany for Reforestation Project

asian elephant thailand photo

In addition to increasing the carbon sequestration potential of the region, migratory routes for Asian elephants (pictured here in Thailand) will be repaired. Photo: OxOx via flickr.

A couple weeks ago Bangladesh's environment minister outlined how the country want to spend over $4 billion on climate change adaptation and mitigation projects, and want some rich nations to help foot the bill. It appears that the US and Germany have contributed already -- contributing $19 million for reforestation of a wildlife sanctuary:The funds will go towards work in the Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary, in Chittagong District (on the border with Burma). The sanctuary is a corridor for the movement of Asian elephants between the two nations, as well as being home to several timber species under threat.

Over the next four years trees will planted to help restore some 2,000 hectares in the region.

Globally, deforestation and forest degradation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, in fact more than all of the transportation sector combined (yes, cars, trucks, ships, trains, and aviation).

via: Reuters
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