Backyard Habitat on Animal Planet

One of our readers, Nancy L., was inspired by a comment posted to the feature about one of our "Weird Eco-Habits" finalists, Terry Dube, who has refused to mow his lawn and turned it into a natural space. We too were inspired by our reader, Turil, who posted the comment and with Nancy's help we researched Backyard Habitat a bit further. By teaming with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), this Animal Planet show is all about making your backyard a better place for animals and nature. From turtles to butterflies, viewers learn about ways to provide an atmosphere for these animals while conserving natural resources and practicing sustainable gardening as well. And once you've turned your regular ole' backyard into a wildlife habitat, the NWF will certify and recognize it to inspire your local community. Check out the show each weekday at 11:00am (EST). Congratulations to Turil and Terry for being inspirations and thanks for the tip that will be helpful for all of us! ::Backyard Habitat (National Wildlife Federation ::Backyard Habitat (Animal Planet)