Baby Gorilla 'Shamavu' Saved From Poachers (Video)

Gorilla Baby Shamavu photo

Photo Virunga National Park.

According to MSNBC, illegal baby gorilla poaching in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is increasing.

This tends to mean more adult gorillas are being killed in order to poach the precious and money-fetching babies. Gorillas can go on the black market for thousands of dollars, and the baby gorilla in the video was rescued - from poachers attempting to sell him - by representatives of the Virunga National Park. The park rangers, who posed as interested buyers, have rescued four baby gorillas this year. After a quarantine period, the babies are transferred to a gorilla shelter.

The baby rescued in the video is a lowland mountain gorilla, and his luminous brown eyes reflect his anxiety in the video above as he is transported, handled, and goes through a health check. He was named Shamavu in honor of the ranger that lead the rescue.

Gorillas are a protected species in the Congo, MSNBC notes, and it is illegal to take them.

Shamavu, who was rescued one week ago, is now under the care of experienced gorilla handlers at the Virunga National Park.

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