Baby Boom at Longleat Safari Park


One of the United Kingdom's top family attractions, as well as the first drive-through safari park created outside of Africa, the Longleat Safari Park nurtures its animal denizens in surroundings that closely mimic their habitats in the wild.

Living proof of Longleat's success: the number of animal babies born in the park each year. Birth rates of animals in captivity tend to be low—getting gawked at by screaming, sticky-fingered children isn't very conducive to igniting the flames of amore—but Longleat must be doing something right because it has definitely been keeping the stock on its toes.

Click below the fold for snapshots of the park's latest rugrats. We're about all awwed out for the day.


AWWW ... it's rare for a Canadian Timber Wolf cub to be born in captivity.

AWWW ... Europe's first twin giraffes were born at Longleat in 1986.

AWWW ... Resting lion cubs

AWWW ...mother and baby tapir

AWWW ... sea lion and her pup

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