Baby Bald Eagles Hatching on Live Webcam! (Updated)

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Screenshot via embedded video

Last year we featured the following post, which showed a live stream view of a Bald Eagle pair hatching and raising three chicks. This year, at almost the exact same dates, three more chicks hatched -- and they are cute!!

I just tuned in and watched a sibling fight with the others to establish dominance, and sure enough, it was first to be fed. Watching the chicks be fed (with what looks like the remains of a falcon of some sort) is really amazing.

Check out the video below and get a bird's eye view of life in a Bald Eagle nest!

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

You can also check out video clips of when the chicks hatched on the Ustream page. Here are some screen shots of the feeding earlier this morning:

bald eagles imageDecorah Bald Eagles Livestream/Video screen capture

bald eagles imageDecorah Bald Eagles Livestream/Video screen capture

Last Year's Article:
Wired pointed us to the news that a bald eagle mother is expecting her hatchlings to appear between March 30 and April 1, in Decorah, Iowa.

Two cameras set up above the nest creates a perfect view of the action, with one running 24/7 and one controlled by a remote from a nearby shed.

The feed is sharpened so that viewers can even see tiny cracks in the eggs before they hatch, and we can zoom in to get even the most acute details of the chicks.

Wired writes, "Two new cameras positioned above the eagles' nest provide an unprecedentedly clear window into eagle domestic life. The expectant parents built their nest 80 feet up a cottonwood tree near the Decorah Fish Hatchery in 2007, and all eight of their children have entered the world under a filmmaker's gaze."

It is a seriously cool opportunity, so definitely have the video running in the background for the next couple days until the babies hatch!

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Baby Bald Eagles Hatching on Live Webcam! (Updated)
Three eggs have hatched in this year's nest. Check out the little fuzzbuckets (yes, that's a scientific term).

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