Baby Bald Eagles Hatched! First Movements and Near Tragedy Caught On Live Stream Camera (Video)

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Image via YouTube screenshot

Can you believe it? Last Thursday, we posted a live video stream showing the nest of a bald eagle pair expecting their chicks to hatch any day. Two of the chicks have hatched and the third is expected any time now. Over 11 million people have checked out the live stream so far to see what the first days of life is like for baby bald eagles. Already we've witnessed that the hatching isn't without its perils. One chick nearly didn't make it, when a parent mistook it for an egg shell while cleaning out the next. Check out the live stream video, as well as a time-lapse of the first hatchling coming into the world!

Live video by Ustream

Above is the live video stream of the nest. If you watch long enough, you'll catch a glimpse of the chicks.

Reuters reported
that there was a near-tragedy on Sunday afternoon. Bob Anderson, the man behind the live stream camera idea and operator of the camera that can zoom and tilt for better views into the nest, states, "One of the adults was picking up broken egg shells and picked up one of the babies and actually lifted it out of the nest bowl. The baby started crawling the edge of the nest and looked like it was going to fall down into the sticks and get trapped," Anderson said.

Finally, after about 20 minutes, the chick was able to crawl back into the nest. Phew!

Below is a collage of the first hatch:

And here is the first glimpse of the second chick:

Stay tuned for the hatch of the third chick!

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