Awww! Raven with a face full of porcupine quills gets help from human neighbors [Video]

raven quills image
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After cawing from its perch on a fence for more than an hour, a raven in Nova Scotia finally got some much needed attention. The family on whose fence it sat came out to investigate why it was causing so much racket. Turns out, it was because it had several porcupine quills lodged in its face.

Amazingly, the raven sat there while a woman plucked the quills from its face. It even allowed her to pet it a bit between plucks. Ravens and crows are incredibly smart birds, and they have a long and complicated relationship with humans. Perhaps it would not be stretching science too far to say that there's a chance this raven knew it'd get the help it needed if it made enough of a ruckus. Of course, perhaps not. It could also have been not too keen to fly thanks to the fourth quill lodged in its wing. Either way, it's a video that shows the kinder side of the human spirit when it comes to these brilliant birds.

Hat tip: Huffington Post

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