Awesome Grand Prize 2009 Wildlife Photos

Wild Wonders of Europe Grand Prize Winners photo

Image: Wild Wonders of Europe
Winners Marcus Valeur and Janne Heimonen
When Wild Wonders of Europe announced the biggest wildlife photography project ever undertaken, we knew the professionals would bring home astonishing photos. Then they announced the monthly photo competition. An interesting draw, and a great encouragement for everyone interested in nature photography to take part in the project, sure. But who would have thought that a newbie in the "young crew" category of the photo competition would deliver one of the most awesome images of 2009? It is no coincidence that the winners are spectacular, if you consider that over 11,000 photos were submitted in 2009. The winner in the adult category is a Finnish professional photographer, Janne Heimonen, 28 years old. Young winner Marcus Valeur first got his own camera in 2007 -- a fast learner apparently.

The winners get their own missions to photograph wildlife in the Scottish Highlands, so we will be able to see what they do when up against the clock in the field and enjoy their art as part of the treasure trove of photos that will soon be on tour for public viewing.

Wild Wonders of Europe have been very generous in sharing photos for our readers to enjoy each month. And if you have not seen them yet, we hope you will follow the links to some of the Wild Wonders of Europe slideshows in TreeHugger archives. But to do justice to the value of click-currency on the web, we wouldn't dream of asking them to share their 2009 Grand Prize Beauties. Instead we encourage you to pop over to enjoy the Photo Competition Winners at Wild Wonders of Europe.

More good news: the competition will be continued into 2010. So grab your camera and get snapping!

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