AVO Market: Connecting People, Cultures and Local Food


The amazing colours, the strange shapes, the pungent smells and the clattering sounds; there's no cultural experience quite like visiting a street market. Wherever you might be in the world the local market will tell you more about a place than any museum and of course there's no greater celebration of fresh local produce.

For these reasons we are loving AVO Market a new online collaborative work dreamed up by RISD design graduate Brittany Kleinman. AVO is a collection of images of markets all around the world and it invites everyone to get involved.Brittany explains that on her travels to various travels to far flung places, from Guatemala to Japan, she started to see similarities in the markets she visited. "Materials and goods within them always varied, but the fundamental exchange and purpose remained the same."

The inspiration she gathered from these vibrant places lead her to create, "A space where others could experience the simple chaotic beauty that markets show about a culture and its humanity... Here at AVO we believe that the market serves as a glimpse into the human soul; revealing the energy of cultures both past and present."

The name AVO comes quite simply from Brittany's love of avocados and also from the experience of witnessing a man climbing a steep road in Guatemala with a huge sack of avocados on his back. Brittany says it, "Really spoke to me as a moment to remember." She goes on to say that she sees many possibilities for the future of AVO, from travel guides to objects and products inspired by specific cities. Ultimately though AVO should work as, "A space and a format that can embrace that fluidity and still serve as a useful tool." Just like the local market.

You can take part in the AVO project by sending in your photos of markets to market [at] avoavo [dot] com.

Via: Brittany Kleinman
:: AVO Market

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